self portrait, 2015

self portrait, 2015

I discovered photography in my aunt's bathroom when I was six; she was doing her own prints. This experience fascinated me and left me full of questions.
I took art history in high school and started to take more and more pictures at that time, as I was learning how to read image composition.

Right after high school, I went straight to photography school. I followed a two year program, studying photojournalism at Spéos in Paris. I then took a workshop with Claudine Doury in France, another one with Federico Clavarino and Andrea Gruetzner in Berlin. Last summer I was selected to be part of the ISSP Summer School in Lettonia.

I'm currently developing my activity as a portraitist, but mostly, I see photography as a personal journey, a puzzle of thoughts, reconstructing itself everyday.


2019: Mois de la Photo Off, Studio Gallerie B&B (Paris, France)

2018: ISSP Gallery (Kuldiga, Lettonia)

2016: Festival Voies Off, Fotohaus (Arles, France)